EASA CPL Commercial Pilot

The EASA Commercial Pilot's License (CPL) Course with a EASA Instrument Rating (IR) provides the training required to meet the level of proficiency necessary to operate single-pilot multi-engine aeroplanes and to obtain the EASA CPL/IR.

Entry Requirements

  1. Hold a PPL (A) issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
  2. Completed 5 hours night flight time
  3. Completed 200 hours total flying time prior to Skills Test (100 of which must be P1)
  4. Completed 20 hours cross-country flight time as pilot-in-command
  5. The cross-country flight time must include a qualifying 540 km cross-country flight
  6. Hold a valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate
  7. Passed a course of theoretical instruction as set out in the EASA-FCL
  8. The minimum age for issue of a CPL license is 18 

Course Description

Initial training raises the proficiency of the student in general handling and flight in the airfield circuit to a commercial standard. This training is conducted in a Piper Warrior. The next section covers IMC training during which the student will learn to fly solely by the use of instruments, to navigate using radio aids, and to an instrument pattern. This training is conducted in a flight simulator and a Piper Warrior. This section of the course is not required for holders of a valid Instrument Rating.

Following this the training focuses on cross-country flight, which includes VFR and IFR en-route procedures, diversion procedures, and abnormal and emergency operations. The training is again in the Piper Warrior.

The final section consists of preparation and a formal pre-test assessment in a Piper Warrior. This training comprises two options:

Option One

  • 10 hours minimum of dual instruction in the Piper Warrior
  • 5 hours minimum of dual instruction in the Piper Arrow
  • 2 hours minimum for the skill test in the Piper Arrow

In addition, for students without a valid Instrument Rating, a further 10 hours IFR training is required.

Option Two

  • 5 hours minimum of dual instruction in the Piper Arrow
  • A further 5 hours of dual instruction in a flight simulator

On completion of the training and the skill test the graduate may apply for an EASA CPL.


Training is full-time or part-time, the full-time course lasting between 3 and 6 weeks dependent on weather conditions.