We look forward to assisting you with all your aviation goals. To ensure that you will be able to start training upon your arrival, please follow these instructions. 

Please submit your enquiry form and the documentation listed below to continue the International Student Enrollment Application.

  1. Copy of Passport
  2. Civil ID or equivalent government identification
  3. Driving license if available

IMPORTANT: Send all of the above scanned documents via email at the same time to info@kuwaitflightacademy.com 

After receiving all enrollment documents we will work one on one to insure the highest level of progress and assist in your enrollment process.  Enrolling as a foreign international student can be overwhelming and confusing so let us help you along the way.

We will assist with:

  1. Visa process for entry into Kuwait and follow-up with the authorities.
  2. Visa process and residency after entry into Kuwait.
  3. Follow-up the training in the USA, we will help you with the following
    1. TSA (U.S. Transportation Security Administration)
    2. I-20 (immigration fee) – If you include the extra $200.00 in the enrollment we will pay the immigration fee for you and send the receipt along with your I-20
  4. Health insurance in Kuwait and USA.
  5. Accommodation in Kuwait and USA.