EASA Multi-Crew Co-operation Course (MCC) – Jet Orientation Course (JOC)


The MCC Course and JOC Course introduce the holder to a multi-crew environment. All courses are delivered by experienced airline Captains on an advanced A320 Fixed Bases Trainer (FBT) simulator. 

Human Factors in aviation are explored during these courses, along with Crew Resource Management (CRM). A solid knowledge of these subjects is essential for airline applicants.

We have a dedicated Simulator with the very latest 'state-of-the-art' Flight Simulators. It will be used for MCC and JOC courses as well as a combined course for tomorrow’s airline pilots.

We will also launch a combined MCC and JOC course as well as standalone JOC courses. It is a big investment for KFA so we are keen totalize the on all aspects of training.

In addition to light and medium jet models with EFIS (Electronic Flight Instruments Systems), it has the benefit of conventional instrument mode for SEP (single engine piston) and MEP (multi engine piston) training, enabling us to replicate the Warriors.


Advanced MCC:

We use the MCC Simulator here at KFA Flight Centre. This is a 'generic' jet model that has many features from A320 type aircraft. Features include twin FMC, CDU’s, weather radar, TCAS etc. This course is aimed more at students who wish to bypass the turbo-prop route and start their airline career on a jet type.

You will learn to use

1.    Typical airline Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

2.    Emergency handling

3.    Problem solving in a multi crew cockpit.

Most airlines now use a simulator assessment in their selection process this course will provide twenty hours of invaluable jet experience.

In addition, during this course, you will be groomed on interview techniques and briefed on what airlines are looking for in prospective pilots.

Although this is not a type rating, we use an advanced simulator replicating a generic medium jet type. Potential students are encouraged to arrange an appointment to see the quality of the training that we can deliver.


20 Hours of simulator training along with individual interview preparation.

JOC Course

With the complex generic medium jet version of the we have the perfect platform to demonstrate characteristics of flight at high altitude in a swept wing aircraft. Also considered are operations at extreme temperatures (high & low), realistic loft exercises, TCAS, extreme weather including wind shear are encountered.

As part of the course you will have hands on experience of programming and learning functions of a Honeywell FMC CDU trainer, as used on both Airbus aircraft.


16 Hours of simulator training