Multi engine rating


Successful completion of the Multi-engine Rating Program leads to eligibility for a Multi-engine Class Rating and the issuance of a Certificate of Qualification— Airplane Multi Engine Land. 

The holder of a Multi-engine Class Rating may exercise the privileges of Pilot-in-command of multi-engine aircraft.  The Multi-engine Class Rating is recommended for Commercial Pilot students since passenger transport is conducted primarily in multi-engine aircraft. Multi-engine Class Rating is required for qualification for an Airline Transport Pilot License.


In accordance with the requirements established by FAA, entrance into this program requires the completion of Grade 12 (or equivalent) or candidates must qualify as a mature student (age 19 and not having attended school full-time for 52 weeks).  Additionally,  before commencing training in the Multi-engine Class Rating, a student requires:

  1. A valid Commercial Pilot License or Private Pilot License.
  2. A valid Category 1, or 3 Medical Certificate.


20 minimum training hours as per FAA REGULATION PART 61

The course consists of

  1. Ground School
  2. (Dual) Flight Training (Instructions) 
  3. Oral Preparation
  4. Flight Test (Certification) 


  1. Barron 55, 58
  2. Piper Seneca I, PA-34-200 (Multi engine)
  3. C A310 (Multi engine)
  4. Flight Simulator equipped with Garmin 1000